There are some modelers (including me) are really meticulous about making their models as they want to match all the models they make to come or be in the same military divisions like the Grossdeutschland, as some Tamiya's models lack or don't have marking options for the division and to name one - Tamiya's Kubelwagen

In additional some 1/48 scale kits have decals that are not available to the 1/35 kits like the Citroen 11CV and Kettenkrad to mention a few.

There are plenty of sources available in the internet for the markings, as others tell me - "You should make your own decals". Truth is I don't know how and don't know someone who can make it for me.

Lastly, I like to suggest for Tamiya's texture paints to have a water texture product

Anyway as this was just only a suggestion. Thank you for reading.

PS: I make my models until I used all the license plates decals