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Thread: 1/35th PzkPfw III tread

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    Default 1/35th PzkPfw III tread

    I built a diorama several years ago with a PzkPfw III as the main theme. Recently I noticed that the tread has deteriorated and is breaking apart. Is hasn't happened on any of the other tanks built the same time. Anyone know why this has happened? Where will I have to go to find new tread? Any help would be appreciated.

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    Hi Mate,
    Several years ago is the point I am afraid as there are so many environmental factors that cause negative happenings and degradation to the materials that are used in the manufacture of flexible tracks. Sun light [UV], changes of temperature, the effects of the paint and/or thinners that we use etc etc.
    You cannot even pass blame onto the manufacturer as they develop and test materials to the best of their ability and honestly add them to their kits. Beside the environmental factors there is of course the passing of good old father time as one of the main culprits, especially when you think that by their very nature they exist under a degree of tension, this alone is to enhance many of the effects that I have already mentioned.

    You do have a number of options to replace the worn items, ranging from asking the manufacturer, explaining whet has happened and asking if they might be prepared to supply you a replacement set, as part of their spares service. There is also the option of looking at buying a replacement set of tracks in another material from the metal single link version from Fruilmodel, these being miniatures of the real item in weight and looks, or indeed a set of those cast from resin, sometimes single link or link and length. These options look superb, but you have to accept that their cost might make buying another kit a cheaper option.

    However there are some very friendly people who share our hobby, so you could ask on one or more of the military modelling sites, if anybody has a spare set of suitable tracks for your Pz III, as many of us do go the option of buying Fruilmodel sets or from the manufacturers who produce resin sets, when seeking to make the tracks look realistic, then like most of us hoard the band type along with all of the other bits and bobs that live in the spares box[es], just in case 'I need one of those', as the collection grows.
    This is one great spin-off from the modelling forums, that there are people who are willing to help others. Sorry I cannot help with this as I have looked already and have no suitable tracks for a PZ III or one of its varients.

    So I hope that these thoughts see you getting your Pz III back into good order.


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