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Podcast No. 43 — Introducing Philly Bean Coffee Company


Real People Deserve Real Coffee and Here in Philly we work hard, and we expect our coffee to work for us.

But there’s a problem…

Turns out there aren’t a lot of satisfying options out there for your everyday coffee drinker. Coffee either seems to cost too much or tastes just plain awful.

We thought we were stuck with expensive, poor tasting java, but then it came to us: why don’t we make our own?

That way we could bring coffee to Philly at a price that works for real people. No need to give up an arm or a leg: just real coffee at a Philly price.

“ There's a New Bean in Town!”

So, ready to kick those over-roasted, over-priced junk beans to the curb and drink the coffee you deserve? We hope so, because there’s a new bean in town.

We’re not saying it’ll clean up the streets and put a chicken in every pot (although if it did we’d be happy to take the credit).

What it will do is give you the bold, flavorful cold brew coffee maker drink you crave. This coffee has the character you’d expect from anything associated with Philly.

It’ll see you through whatever you’ve got going on: a grueling day of work, a rambunctious get-together with your friends and family, or anything else in between.

Philly Bean Coffee Co is committed to giving you the coffee you deserve at a price you can swallow.